Fun Facts About Those Pests

Here at Protect All Pest Control, located in Acworth, GA, we are in the business of keeping pests pest control Acworthaway from your homes and businesses. But even though we don’t want insects and animals in our homes, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t interesting creatures! There are many fun and intriguing facts about animals that might surprise you, so instead of exploring how to keep them away this week’s blog will be taking a closer look.

  • All insects on Earth would outweigh all animals if put on a scale.
  • House flies have taste buds on their feet, so when they land on a surface they can actually taste it.
  • When the only queen ant dies, so does the entire colony, because no new workers are born.
  • A flea can jump 130 times it’s height.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite humans.
  • An ant can lift 20 times its own body weight.  If a 175 pound man had the strength of an ant, he could lift four tons.
  • Bed bug hatchlings are so small they can pass through a stitch-hole in a mattress.
  • Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away.
  • Raccoons can vocalize more than 51 different sounds.

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Not Your Favorite Carpenter

When most people thinking about insects damaging the wood in their home, they only think about termites, but who’s looking out for black carpenter ants?

Black Carpenter Antspest control Acworth GA

All species of carpenter ants attack wood has been or is we and damaged by mold. Black carpenter ants first invade wet, decayed wood then often begin building paths through dry, undamaged wood. They usually enter buildings through cracks around windows and doors or through wire holes. Don’t put it past them to get creative either. They’ll also crawl along overhead wires, shrubs or even tree limbs that touch the building above the ground.

Their Habitat

While your home’s wood might be their meal choice, they prefer to build their nest outdoors in various wood sources, including tree stumps, firewood or landscaping. They need a constant water source to survive. They enter the home through wet damaged wood. If they gain entry to a structure with suitable and tasty wood, they will expand their nest and become a property threat.

If you notice black carpenter ants in your home, contact the professional immediately to discuss a proper course of control.

Have A Pest Free Get Together

School just started back and the kids are already counting down to fall break. While the kids are counting down the days to their next break, dad is counting down the days until football season begins. Whether you’re an NFL or SEC fan, August means one more month until it’s time for BBQs, tailgating and watching the game with friends.

If you’re planning on having some game day tailgating or BBQs, here are 5 tips on how to keep them pest-free.

  1. Apply Insect Repellant– So this one might be a given but it’s still important. Most mosquitoes are most active at unfortunately, dusk and dawn (aka game time), so if you’re planning a barbecue before sunset, be sure to have plenty of effective repellant already applied and readily available for second coats and other guests.
  2.  Frequently Drain Standing Water– Remember, mosquitoes breed in standing water. Walk pest control Acwortharound your yard  and drain any source that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, including birdbaths, dog bowls, wading pools or garden ponds.
  3. Deter Stinging Insects– Whether you have an allergy or just hate being stung, stinging insects aren’t the party guest most people want to have. Yellow jackets and other stinging insects are attracted to many fragrances, so avoid using scented items such as candles and cleaners.
  4. Patch Up Those Screens– At least a few days before your get together, go around each window and door and repair any holes that could invite mosquitoes and other insects entry into the home. Try leaving a polite note for guest to make sure the door, closes behind them.
  5. Stay Clean– It’s no secret that many insects are attracted to food, so take the extra steps to keep food safe by using tightly sealed containers and coolers. Additionally, do your best to clean trash, crumbs and spills from picnic tables immediately.

Think you might need additional pest protection? Give us a call and let’s make pest control plan for you!

How To: Have A Pest-Free Backyard BBQ

It doesn’t matter who you are; everybody loves a good old fashioned backyard BBQ in the summer. From the mouth watering ribs to the refreshing ice cold beers, everything seems perfect. Until you spot it…a fly just landed on your plate. A mosquito bites your leg, or a bee just stung your child. It’s no secret pests like to hover around food…but don’t worry! These tips will ensure a pest-free BBQ in no time.

mosquito control Acworth

No one wants bugs on this delicious food!

How Do I Keep Pests Away?

  • Bring insect repellent! Most mosquito are active at dusk and dawn. If you are planning an evening BBQ, we recommend buying a repellent that includes EPA-registered active ingredients like Picaridin or DEET. Here are Amazon’ top rated insect repellents.
  • Keep scented candles and flower away from the area. Stinging insects are highly attracted to fragrances!
  • Provide clear plastic cups for your guests. Aluminum cans and plastic bottles are good hiding places for pests.
  • Patch up holes! Before your BBQ, make sure you repair any holes in screen doors or windows where bugs could enter the home. Also, remind your guests to keep doors shut!
  • Avoid mess. Insects are attracted to the sweet syrupy smells of sodas and sugary drinks. Avoid spills and keep food in containers or coolers.
  • Remove or drain standing water. These are often a breeding source for mosquitoes. Keep in mind this could be anything from bird baths to garden pools.

If you’re still concerned about pests being a nuisance at your event, consider bringing in a professional! Protect All Pest Control is more than happy to get pests out. Check out our website for a list of services or give us a call at 770-212-9990 and you’ll be on your way to a pest free BBQ!


Worst Mosquito City: Atlanta

Kennesaw mosquito controlThere are many things to love about living in metro Atlanta- but the mosquito population isn’t one of them. If you’ve ever felt like you can’t walk out your front door without getting eaten alive, you’re not alone. According to a list published recently in USA Today, Atlanta is the worst mosquito city in the U.S.! In fact, 9 of the top 20 worst mosquito cities were in the Southeast- no surprise considering our warm climate, high humidity, and plenty of sources of standing water.

Cities on the list were ranked according to the highest number of customers paying for mosquito control services. Mosquito control can greatly improve your enjoyment of your yard and all outdoor spaces, but beyond that, reducing the risk of mosquito bites can also protect your family’s health.

Mosquitoes can carry a variety of serious viral diseases, including West Nile virus, Eastern Equine encephalitis virus, and chikungunya. Wearing bug spray can help, but eliminating sources of standing water is key. Empty bird baths and rain barrels, make sure there are no children’s toys collecting rain water, and check your gutters to make sure they are draining properly.

Unfortunately, even by taking all of those precautions, you may still have a mosquito problem. That’s where we can help with mosquito treatments in Kennesaw, Woodstock, Acworth, and throughout the north metro Atlanta area. Give us a call or contact us online today to discuss our mosquito control options and get an estimate. Our experienced team here at Protect All Pest Control can help, so you can actually enjoy your own backyard this summer!

Photo by tpsdave via Pixabay

3 Risks of Mosquito Bites

mosquito control in Woodstock GAWho do you think mosquitoes bite more: men or women? According to the Mayo Clinic, the jury is still out on that subject, but there’s no denying that these buzzing pests can put a real damper on your enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces during the summer months. While they’re certainly annoying, that’s not the only reason to consider professional mosquito treatments for your yard. Read on to learn about the risks of mosquito bites from the pest control experts at Protect All Pest Control.

Mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquitoes feed on blood from humans and animals. If a mosquito bites an infected animal and then bites you, the disease can be transferred via the mosquito’s saliva. Malaria and yellow fever can both be transmitted this way; fortunately they are not much of a problem for us in the U.S. Of course, there are still some serious mosquito-borne diseases to watch out for here in Georgia, including:

  • West Nile- Many people don’t even know they have contracted this disease due to mild or even non-existent symptoms.  However, some people will experience West Nile Fever, which manifests as fever, severe headaches, fatigue, back pain, and sometimes other symptoms like rashes or eye pain.
  • Encephalitis-  Encephalitis viruses cause inflammation of the brain. Symptoms can range from mild, flu-like complaints to confusion, seizures, and paralysis. This dangerous disease can escalate quickly so it is imperative to get immediate medical attention if you suspect infection.
  • Dengue fever- While rare, this disease has been found in the southeast. It causes high fever, severe pain in joints and muscles, vomiting, rash, and other unpleasant and possibly dangerous symptoms. Mild cases are sometimes mistaken for the flu.

While there haven’t been any cases yet in Georgia, the tropical disease chikungunya has recently been documented in Florida- just one more reason to make mosquito control a priority!

If you want to protect your family from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne illnesses, we can help. Contact us today for an estimate on mosquito control in Woodstock, Kennesaw, or Acworth, Georgia.

Photo by Lukas Hofstetter via Flickr CC 2.0

Pest Control Tips: How to Beat Backyard Mosquitoes

Woodstock mosquito controlIf you’ve spent the time and money to create a beautiful backyard, summer is the season to take advantage of it. Unfortunately there’s one thing that can easily ruin neighborhood barbecues, alfresco family dinners, and lazy Saturday games of catch- itchy mosquito bites!

We can help you get rid of these annoying insects. Protect All Pest Control is now certified in mosquito control and we are happy to offer mosquito treatment services to our clients. Give us a call at 770-212-9990 for an estimate.

Professional mosquito control is the most effective way to keep mosquitoes from ruining your summer fun, but these tips can also help you cut down on their numbers.

  • Get rid of standing water- This is the number one most important way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard! Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant or slow-moving water, so keeping standing water out of your yard will deprive them of their breeding grounds. Empty and re-fill bird baths weekly, keep rain barrels covered, and make sure any toys, sandbox covers, wheelbarrows, etc. are turned upside down so they can’t collect water. It’s also important to check loose tarps and covers that could be concealing puddles of rainwater (boat covers, grill covers, etc.). Remove any slack so that rainwater runs off instead of collecting.
  • Landscape with beneficial plants- Certain plants may help repel mosquitoes from your yard, including mums, marigolds, daisies, and asters. Basil and coriander (cilantro) are also thought to keep insects at bay, plus they can make a great addition to your summer cookouts.
  • Change your light bulbs– If you want to enjoy warm summer nights in your yard without enduring a swarm of bugs, switch to yellow-tinted bug lights. The wavelengths of these bulbs are less visible to bugs, so you can illuminate your porch or patio without attracting unwanted company.

Ready to win the battle for your backyard? Contact us today!

Photo by Leszek Leszczynski via Flickr CC 2.0

The Top 3 Summer Pest Control Problems

mosquito control AcworthPest control is important all year long, but Georgia’s sweltering summer heat and humidity make it a necessity. Bugs of all kinds are out in force and are more likely to invade both your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Read on to learn about the top 3 summer pest control problems, and be sure to schedule your treatment with Protect All Pest Control to keep your house and lawn pest-free!


Roaches really only need warmth, moisture, and shelter to survive, which unfortunately makes our homes a welcoming environment for them. Even if you keep your home spotlessly clean, roaches can and will find their way in. Here in Georgia, we not only have to deal with the smaller German cockroaches, but also the American cockroach, or Palmetto bug as it is regionally known.

Your Protect All Pest Control technician will use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques to remove the roach infestation, and can also give you some pointers on how to avoid future infestations.

Fire Ants

Another scourge of the Georgia summertime is the dreaded fire ant, an aggressive ant that packs a painful sting. They are a particular cause of concern during the summer when children are out of school and often running around their yards barefoot. If you see the large, reddish-orange mounds that signify a fire ant colony, contact us ASAP to schedule a consultation.


Our Woodstock extermination company is happy to announce that we now offer mosquito control! Besides the annoying bites, mosquitoes pose a serious health risk. They can carry a variety of nasty diseases, from West Nile virus to malaria, and even a form of encephalitis. Don’t let the mosquitoes kick you out of your own backyard. Contact us for more information about our mosquito treatments, and fight mosquito breeding in your yard by eliminating any sources of standing water.

Photo by Vishal R via Flickr CC 2.0