DIY Flea Repellents!

This time of year we love to let our pets roam outside. They roll in the grass, play with other animals and seem to have a blast. It’s all fun and games, until you see that first flea.  It seems like such a hassle going to the vet for flea removal, and most medicine can get all gooey and gross. These few repellents are easy to throw together, and they’re natural!

flea repellants

Keep your pets safe and keep fleas out!

DIY Flea and Tick Spray

-8 oz. apple cider
-4 oz. warm water
-1/2 tsp salt
-1/2 tsp baking soda
-Spray bottle

1. Pour all ingredients into a spray bottle.
2. Apply to pet and brush daily to every other day.
3. Comb through fur.
4. Do a daily check or fleas/ticks whether or not you spray it that day or not!

Homemade Flea Powder

-1 cup food grade diatomaceous earth
-1/2 cup neem powder
-1/2 cup yarrow powder
-20 drops eucalyptus essential oil (leave this out if it’s for cats)!

1. Mix all ingredients together and put in a shaker top container.
2. Apply from head to tail along your pets spine in dry condition. Brush your pets fur going the opposite direction so the powder comes in contact with the skin. Avoid the eyes and nose. Rub the powder onto the belly and legs as well. Try to get the flea powder on as much skin as possible.

Tip: Fleas seem to like the tails, area right above the tail and the belly/groin area. Concentrate a lot on those areas!

Here are a few other DIY repellents we found helpful:

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Flea Season Tips for Your Pets and Home

Woodstalk flea treatments

Keep your furry friends flea-free!

With the arrival of warmer weather, your dog or cat is at risk for attracting fleas, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. The fleas come in on your pet, fall off in your house, and take up residence in your carpets, furniture and bedding. Once they’ve infiltrated your home, they’ll continuously lay eggs and multiply into a full-blown infestation that’s difficult if not impossible to exterminate without the help of a professional pest control company.

Flea-borne disease and health hazards

Fleas aren’t only a nuisance; they also present a health hazard to both your pets and family. Their bites can cause:

  • Itchy allergic reactions
  • The spread of parasites, such as tapeworms
  • Skin infections
  • Anemia

How to prevent and treat flea infestations

You can help protect your pets and home and avoid infestations by following these tips:

  • Watch your pets for signs of fleas, such as excessive scratching, licking, or flea dirt (dried blood on their skin).
  • Bathe your pets after coming in contact with other pets, such as in dog parks, vet visits, or boarding.
  • Keep the grass in your yard trimmed and keep your pets away from tall grass where fleas live.
  • Wash your pet’s bedding, gear, and stuffed toys often in the warmest water possible.
  • Frequently vacuum your floors, rugs, and furniture.
  • Launder your bed linens in hot water.

If you do end up with a flea infestation, don’t panic- but don’t delay, either. You’ll need the assistance of a pest control company to rid your home of these uninvited guests. That’s where we come in at Protect All Pest Control! Give us a call at 770-212-9990 for professional and safe flea treatment in Woodstock, Kennesaw, Acworth, and Canton.

Photo by KatrinKerou