Preventing Carpenter Ants from Calling Your House Home

Carpenter ants play an important role in our ecosystem but can also be one of the most destructive forces in your home. Just as they feast on wood, turning it into saw dust, rot and ultimately new growth, carpenter ants can also infest your home, causing significant structural damage. Like termites, carpenter ant infestations are often overlooked until they become serious, more costly problems.

While termite infestations can occur rapidly, it often takes years for carpenter ants to cause structural damage. The insects create tunnels through damaged and rotting wood, hollowing the areas as they travel and nest.

High moisture areas like dishwashers, sinks, washers and bathtubs make ideal homes for these pesky critters. If your home is experiencing a plumbing leak in these areas, remedying the leak and moisture is the first step in preventing carpenter ant damage. Wood and foam installation, along with door and window frames also make ideal homes. Since these insects feed on other insects and foliage, it is common for carpenter ants to travel both inside and outside your home.

Resolving the carpenter ant infestation begins with locating and removing the nest. Saw dust is the primary indicator of carpenter ant tunnels. Once you have located the nest, you may be able to simply remove it. If it isn’t easily removable, a vacuum cleaner can be used to eliminate the nest. Be sure to change the vacuum cleaner bag to prevent spreading the ants.

Like many other insects and pests, prevention is critical to protecting your home against carpenter ant infestations.

·       Caulk cracks, around pipes and any other places where insects would be able to enter.

·       Fix plumbing leaks.

·       Clean gutters.

·       Remove wood piles.

·       Ventilate attics and crawl spaces.

·       Steal food in air tight containers.

·       Clean the kitchen.

·       Trim trees and bushes surrounding your home.

When carpenter ants call your house home, the Acworth pest control professionals at Protect All Pest Control are here to help. Not only will our trained professionals be able to locate and treat carpenter ant nests before they cause significant damage to your home.

If your experiencing issues with carpenter ants, the trained exterminators at Protect All Pest Control are here to help.


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