Marietta Mosquito Control: Enjoying the Weather Without Pests

For camping trips and outdoor adventures, mosquito repellant may be your best defense against pesky mosquitos. But, when it comes time to relax in your backyard, the last thing you want to worry with is bug spray.

From lawn sprays to repellants, citronella candles to plants, the aisles are filled with products claiming to prevent mosquitos. While each of these products can provide temporary relief, they can be an inconvenience and don’t always offer effective protection. At Protect All Pest Control, we offer professional mosquito control to ensure your family stays protected all season long.  

Our trained professionals begin by thoroughly inspecting the property to locate areas that harbor mosquitos. Our exterminators then apply a non-chemical solution to harbor areas to eliminate breeding grounds. Pesticides are also administered to high- activity areas like shrubs, plants, and trees, as well as your lawn to kill existing mosquitos and protect against the spread of future insects.

Applications will not only enhance your comfort by reducing the number of mosquitos, but it can provide protection against West Nile, Zika and other harmful diseases the insects can carry, without applying chemicals directly to your skin. Additionally, mosquito control can help protect your pets from heartworms, a disease that can develop following infected mosquito bites.

Our professional mosquito control stops bites before they happen. Since a single mosquito can lay between 100 and 200 eggs, eliminating larva and breeding grounds can significantly reduce the number of insects and enhance your backyard comfort.

Enjoy the warm weather and your backyard with professional mosquito protection from Protect All Pest Control. Contact us today for all you Kennesaw, Woodstock, Acworth and Marietta pest control needs.

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