Acworth Pest Control’s Buzz on Carpenter Bees

Spring has arrived. The birds are singing, honey bees are buzzing, and . . . why is there sawdust on the porch? Termites aren’t the only pests who burrow into wooden rafters, railings, and trim. Carpenter bees damage wood by burrowing in to lay their eggs. Even worse? Woodpeckers love snacking on these bugs, and they’ll peck apart your home to get to them.

5 Signs of a Carpenter Bee Problem

  1. pest control companies AcworthYou see large bees that are mostly black. Carpenter bees look like bumblebees, but they don’t have the yellow markings on their abdomens.
  2. Bees buzz around looking ready to attack. Male carpenter bees act aggressive if you get too close (don’t worry, they don’t have a stinger). Female carpenter bees are less aggressive, but may sting if you touch them.
  3. You find piles of sawdust and see bees. You can breathe a sigh of relief: those piles of sawdust might not indicate a termite problem. Carpenter bees burrow into wood, although they don’t eat the pulp.
  4. You see wood with perfectly round holes. Female carpenter bees may destroy your property, but they’ll make sure they look good doing it. Carpenter bee holes appear in unpainted wood, often high up in the eaves, and are smooth and deep so the bees can lay their eggs and rear their young. Look for holes with a half inch diameter.
  5. The wood makes noise. If you listen closely, you can usually hear carpenter bees at work inside the wood.

You can deter carpenter bees from taking up residence by painting or staining wooden surfaces. Does your home already have a carpenter bee infestation? Call Protect All Pest Control.

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