Why Pay for Pest Control?

Let’s be honest, no one likes to wake up to the sound, or better yet the sight, of a cockroach scurrying away, or going to make your morning cup of coffee to a line of ants neatly marching around your kitchen. Pest control prevention and control are often thought as something “I can do that. We don’t need to pay someone.” Yes, you might can, but are you doing it properly?

Here are a few reason why it’s worth it to pay the professionals

Professionals make sure to address the cause, and the problem

Let’s use ants as an example. It’s easy to see ants, buy a can of Raid and think the issue is resolved. No, you can’t kill no!just the ants and the problem disappear. When you call the professionals, we identify the cause of the ants, properly treat the problem and recommend any necessary steps you need to take to ensure the problem stays away.

We use chemicals that are safe for your pets

cuteWe use the latest chemicals to ensure the health and safety of your furry family members. If they are not safe for any reason, we let you know and work with you on a plan that will work for every member of the family. With store bought brands, it’s easy to get confused with which chemicals are safe and which aren’t. It’s also very easy to over spray leaving your family exposed to chemicals.

Avoid bad baiting practices

not uhFor pest such as mice, baits not only need to be place in correct areas (such as dark corners). Another step easily over looked is making sure you catch the pest in the correct life cycle. A dead mouse is better than a live mouse, but what about the babies it left behind?

We understand needing to save money, but we also understand the importance of pest control. This is why we have affordable rates and plans to help even the most adamant DIY-er have a happy, pest free home with funds for their latest project. Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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