October Pest Watch: Rodents & Fabric-Destroying Insects

rodent control in KennesawFall weather means a break from summer’s pests, enjoying perfectly pleasant days on the porch or patio without irritating mosquitoes or wasps imposing on the party. Unfortunately, the change of seasons also hearkens in a new group of pests to watch out for around your Kennesaw home, especially disease-carrying rodents and fabric-destroying insects!

Rodent Control

As temperatures fall and you retreat into your warm house more and more, know that rodents will be seeking warmth and shelter there as well! While they may look cute from a distance, mice and rats can carry serious diseases and put your family’s health at risk through their urine, feces, even bites. Furthermore, they can bring allergens into the home and their droppings and fur are themselves allergens, which is especially problematic for those with asthma. The most common rodents you’ll find in the north Atlanta area are the house mouse and the Norway rat.

  • House mouse- This mouse weighs less than an ounce and has dark gray fur, large ears, and a long tail.
  • Norway rat- The Norway rat is a stocky variety with a blunt nose, beady eyes, and small ears. They have short, scaly tails and reddish or brown fur.

If you see either of these rodents in your home, there could be many more. They reproduce very quickly, so call us ASAP for rodent removal!

Fabric-Destroying Insects

Beetles and moths can wreak havoc on your home and belongings without you even noticing. These pests feed on natural materials like cotton, wool, fur, and leather, which means that anything from your carpets, rugs, linens, and window treatments to furniture, clothing, coats, and hats is at risk.

  • Webbing clothes moth- Unlike most moths, this species is not drawn to light and you will not see them flying around your light fixtures. In fact, they are exactly the opposite, preferring to hide in closets, attics, under upholstered furniture, and other dark spaces where they can feast on natural fabrics.
  • Carpet beetle larvae- The larvae of the varied carpet beetle (the most common type found in Kennesaw, Woodstock, and surrounding areas) take 3 years to mature and in that time, they can do a number on your home. The larvae are 4-5 millimeters long, with dark and light brown stripes and hairy bodies that are wider at the back.

We offer Kennesaw pest control services at affordable prices to fit your budget, and we have the experience and knowledge to solve your pest control problems right the first time. If you see signs of these pests in your home, call Protect All Pest Control right away at 770-212-9990. 

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