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Woodstock pest control servicesThe first official day of fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to think about fall pest control. Summer’s pests- fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, fire ants- are subsiding, making it more enjoyable to be outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean an end to your pest control needs; far from it.

Autumn pests to watch out for:

While outdoor insects may be dying down for the  summer, other pests are setting up shop inside your home! This is the time of year when spiders, cockroaches, and rodents seek shelter in order to prepare for the cold winter months ahead.

Rodents- Mice and rats are common infestations in the fall and winter. They bring with them a variety of unsavory problems for homeowners from spreading diseases like salmonella and hantavirus, to invading your home’s insulation, to gnawing electrical wiring and potentially causing a fire.

Spiders- You may already be noticing a proliferation of spiders in Woodstock, Kennesaw, Acworth, and throughout north Atlanta. As the temperature continues to drop, many spiders will find your home a comfortable place to build a web. While most spiders in Georgia are not dangerous, brown recluses, brown widows, and black widows can have dangerous bites.

Roaches- Like rodents, roaches also carry disease and may spread salmonella or gastroenteritis to humans. However, they can also cause asthma attacks. Young children are at the most risk, but anyone can have a roach allergy and suffer allergy attacks from roach skin, feces, or saliva in their environment.

If you see signs of these pests in your home, don’t wait to call us for pest treatment services. Where there’s one mouse or roach, there are probably many more! Contact us online or call us at 770-212-9990 for more information about affordable pest control in Woodstock, Kennesaw, and Acworth.

Photo by LoggaWiggler via Pixabay

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