3 Risks of Mosquito Bites

mosquito control in Woodstock GAWho do you think mosquitoes bite more: men or women? According to the Mayo Clinic, the jury is still out on that subject, but there’s no denying that these buzzing pests can put a real damper on your enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces during the summer months. While they’re certainly annoying, that’s not the only reason to consider professional mosquito treatments for your yard. Read on to learn about the risks of mosquito bites from the pest control experts at Protect All Pest Control.

Mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquitoes feed on blood from humans and animals. If a mosquito bites an infected animal and then bites you, the disease can be transferred via the mosquito’s saliva. Malaria and yellow fever can both be transmitted this way; fortunately they are not much of a problem for us in the U.S. Of course, there are still some serious mosquito-borne diseases to watch out for here in Georgia, including:

  • West Nile- Many people don’t even know they have contracted this disease due to mild or even non-existent symptoms.  However, some people will experience West Nile Fever, which manifests as fever, severe headaches, fatigue, back pain, and sometimes other symptoms like rashes or eye pain.
  • Encephalitis-  Encephalitis viruses cause inflammation of the brain. Symptoms can range from mild, flu-like complaints to confusion, seizures, and paralysis. This dangerous disease can escalate quickly so it is imperative to get immediate medical attention if you suspect infection.
  • Dengue fever- While rare, this disease has been found in the southeast. It causes high fever, severe pain in joints and muscles, vomiting, rash, and other unpleasant and possibly dangerous symptoms. Mild cases are sometimes mistaken for the flu.

While there haven’t been any cases yet in Georgia, the tropical disease chikungunya has recently been documented in Florida- just one more reason to make mosquito control a priority!

If you want to protect your family from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne illnesses, we can help. Contact us today for an estimate on mosquito control in Woodstock, Kennesaw, or Acworth, Georgia.

Photo by Lukas Hofstetter via Flickr CC 2.0

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