Health Consequences of Pests in Your Home

Pest Control KennesawPests and Rodents are generally unwelcome visitors in your home. While their mere presence is certainly a nuisance, did you know that they could also be putting your family in jeopardy of developing serious health risks? Learn more here about the specific types of health risks associated with common household pests.

Rodents Can Spread Disease

Nobody likes sharing their home with rodents, but did you know that mice, rats, and other rodents can pose a disease spreading threat? More often than not, this comes in the form of rodent droppings, which can build up quickly in isolated areas of your home like your attic, pantry, and baseboards. These droppings can trigger allergic reactions, and even spread diseases like the Hantavirus.

The spread of harmful bacteria is also a real threat when rodents have invaded your home. Rodents can carry and transmit bacteria like salmonella and contaminate any food that they come in contact with, as well as the surface areas of your home.

Cockroaches – Bacteria and Allergens

Everybody knows that cockroaches are dirty creatures, but were you aware of the potential health risks that are associated with this pest? Cockroach allergens, which are left behind in their droppings and saliva, have the potential to severely affect children. 1 in 5 children are known to have sensitivity and increased asthma symptoms when exposed to theses allergens, so it isn’t a health threat to be underestimated.

Cockroaches are also known to spread Salmonella, E. coli, and other bacteria threats around your home, especially when they come in contact with food, cooking equipment, and other common household items.

Ants and Health Risks 

In general, ants travel and live in large groups, so if there is one around there are undoubtedly others in the vicinity. Since ants are constantly on the search for food sources, they may find their way into your home in hopes of finding nourishment. If you have food that is exposed inside of your home, it could attract ants, who are known to spread bacteria and contaminants. Be sure to keep any food items well sealed to insure that these pests don’t show up in bunches.

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