Why Do People Hate Bugs?

Professional pest control AcworthFirst of all, we are glad that people do hate bugs, as a professional pest control company we make our living based on the fact that overwhelmingly people DO hate bugs, pests, and insects. But that doesn’t explain the why. Not a lot of studies exist on this topic but based on our observations and other anecdotal evidence we have found a couple of things that we think help explain this nearly universal situation.

One of the main items is that because we are more closely related to mammals, we can understand them better and appreciate the “beauty” they possess more easily. Many people are just very confused by insects. They look very different than us. They have different life cycles, reproduce differently, and behave in very different ways than us.

The other primary reason that we find that people have an aversion to bugs in general is that there are a handful of insects that can potentially harm people, resources, and even property. This group may be giving all the others a bad reputation. This is common in other animal groups as well. Not all sharks are dangerous but very few people like the ones that aren’t, same things with snakes.

This feeling may be more prominent for insects, however, because nearly everyone has firsthand knowledge of the potentially harmful (at the very least irritating) effects of insects via insect bites, and we all hear news of insect outbreaks harming agriculture or disease spread by insects. We fear and avoid that which may do us harm, and since most people know very little about insects, they fear and/or avoid insects in general.

The final reason is probably learned behavior. We have been taught that insects and bugs are “dirty and nasty”, usually from a young age. Even if you have nonhazardous spiders in your home are they really something you want to look at every day, or have visible when friends or family come to visit?

So if you are like most people and don’t like bugs, let the professionals at Protect All Pest Control take care of the bugs and insects around your home.  We service the North Atlanta area including Woodstock, Acworth, Kennesaw and can be reached by phone at 770-728-8520 or use the convenient “Contact” feature on our website.


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