Winter Pest Control

Professional Pest Control Woodstock GAWith winter now upon us insects and other pests don’t necessarily go away, they just may not be as visible as in warmer months. Unlike mammals, insects don’t benefit from the insulation of body fat, so they rely on different techniques to keep out of cold winter weather.

Some insects, such as butterflies and dragonflies, migrate to warmer temperatures when the weather gets cold. Other bugs rely on the collective body heat of communal living to keep warm. Some of the most bothersome pests in the Atlanta area, such as ants and termites, burrow in to the ground and rely on communal food stores during the winter months.

Protecting Your Home from Pests

As you’ve probably noticed, many insects will try to make it through the winter by enjoying the warmth of your home. Even as you’re enjoying crisp, cool days, be sure to keep doors and windows closed. Open entry points are seen as invitations for cockroaches, earwigs, beetles, ants, crickets, and rodents looking for somewhere cozy to spend the winter.

Once inside, many insects, such as beetles or cockroaches, will try to wait out the winter within the walls of your home. To prevent this, all cracks and crevices, both internal and external, should be sealed. Trained pest control professionals like those at Protect All Pest Control in Woodstock can identify potential entry points you may not have noticed on your own.

Another area at high risk for infestation is firewood piles and lawn debris stored near your home. Piles of leaves, wood, compost, or grass clippings are natural sources of insulation for insects during cold winter months.  January is also a good time to schedule a home termite inspection, because termites remain active throughout the winter months.

If you notice insect problems during the cold winter months, be sure to enlist the help of Protect All Pest Control so that once the weather warms, a winter pest problem doesn’t become much worse. Call us at 770-728-8520 or use the convenient “Contact” feature on our website.


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