Pest Control New Year’s Resolutions

Pest Control Services Woodstock GAEven though we are now a few weeks in to the New Year it’s not too late to make some additional New Year’s resolutions.

Personal items like weight loss, exercising more, or quitting smoking tend to be the type of things that most people think about when making New Year’s resolutions. But the New Year should also be a time to think about how you can enhance all aspects of your life including keeping your home free from pests and insects. As a professional pest control company in Woodstock, GA we see many items in need of attention in and around homes that we service that contribute to ongoing pest problems.

The following resolutions can help to put you on the way to a pest free 2014.

Clean out the pantry

Many a home pest inspection has turned up a kitchen pest infestation. Kitchens naturally draw pests because from a pest’s point of view, the human kitchen provides a continuous source of food. Of course, pests are much less likely to invade a clean kitchen. For this reason, as your local pest control company we would recommend putting away leftovers and wiping up food scraps as soon as possible.

If you’re like most homeowners, the visible areas of your kitchen are fairly clean, but the pantry is a veritable cornucopia of crumbs. Because they’re dark, generally undisturbed and full of the starchy foods pests love, pantries can easily become an insect or rodent breeding ground. Resolve to clean out your pantry at least once this year.

Seal your home’s exterior

No one can be perfectly clean all the time. There will be nights when you’ll want to leave those dishes for the morning. If your home is well sealed, pests are less likely to enter in the first place – so you won’t have to battle ants or cockroaches just because you wanted a night off.

Pests such as ants, spiders, beetles, cockroaches and rodents invade homes through cracks and holes in the exterior. These openings would not be large enough for the average person to notice. Ant tunnels are miniscule; even a larger pest like a rat requires only a quarter-sized hole to gain entry. A professional pest control company can help identify these areas.

Carefully check food packages for bugs

Many pests enter kitchens via packages of food. Pioneers had to be wary of cigarette beetles in their flour supplies. Today, we must still keep a vigilant lookout for pest invaders in prepackaged food. Indian meal moths, for example, love to enter homes in this way. To avoid bringing food pests into your home, you should carefully inspect any packaged or bulk food before placing it in your grocery cart. Look for gnawed plastic, tiny eggs and webbing, especially in the corners of plastic packaging. If a home pest inspection turns up infested packages, you should throw them away in outdoor trashcans. Next, thoroughly clean out your food storage area, throwing away any other infested food stores you find.

The team at Protect All Pest Control in Woodstock, GA is experienced in preventing as well as treating insect and bug infestations. Prevention is actually one of the hallmarks of our Integrated Pest Management or IPM program.  For more information on using a professional pest control company for  treating existing pest infestations as well as preventing new ones call us at 770-728-8520 or use the convenient “Contact” feature on our website.


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