DIY Pest Control is Not Always a Good Idea

Professional Pest Control WoodstockWhile we occasionally will share some good “Do It Yourself Pest Control” tips and practices and are happy to do so for our neighbors in the Woodstock, GA area. However, do it yourself pest control is not always a good idea. Your particular situation may dictate a need for professional pest control treatment. So why is it a good idea to consider professional pest control over the DIY pest control methods?

Properly Identifying Pest Problems

Bugs can be difficult to properly identify, and thus properly treat. Some people try identifying insects from pictures found on the internet and can be difficult.  While other pest problems can be hidden so carefully that you might only be able to identify a small percentage of the problem.

We are happy to come out and provide an inspection to help in diagnosing your pest control problems and solve your issues.

Quality of Pest Control Products

Because the team at Protect All Pest Control is state licensed and we are trained professionals providing treatments in and around homes (and commercial buildings) we have access to more powerful pesticides. Imagine this similar to a pharmacist. You can get some quality products over the counter, but when you really need help, you need to get medicine through the pharmacist.

Application Process is Key

In applying pesticides or traps in a do it yourself pest control operation. You need to be diligent in applying treatments thoroughly and accurately according to the composition of the treatment. This becomes even more critical when you get into diluting treatment chemicals and mixing into a sprayer.

Protect All Pest Control does this type of application process on a daily basis and knows how to put the treatment together correctly. We also have the best tools to applying a treatment. When doing the price comparison of buying a treatment, the equipment, and your time invested in the process it often times is comparable to the cost of our professional pest control services.

Small Problems Can Become Big Problems

When you find a small pest problem it might be just that, a small problem. There is however always the possibility that a small identified pest problem is actually a really big problem. The big trouble with a DIY pest control treatment is that a small problem not handled properly will become a large problem.

Bed Bugs are an example of something that typically starts small and can become a big problem when self-treated. They require very thorough treatments and methods that are hard to replicate without proper equipment. Spiders, ants, termites, and cockroaches are all pests that can also be problematic if not treated well when they are a small issue.

To learn more about our professional pest control services in Woodstock, GA and surrounding areas including Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta, and Canton call us at 770-728-8520 or use the convenient “Contact” feature on our website.


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