Fall Season Pests and Insects

Pest Control Services Woodstock GANow that summer has passed and we are in to the fall season your pest control issues in your home and office are not ending. In areas like Woodstock, GA that do not experience long term hard freeze conditions, insects and pests do not die out or go in to a dormant state when warm weather ends. Each season and even month has pests that are active and can make your home or office their official place of residence.

During the month of October we especially keep our eye out and plan our pest control services around the following pests and insects –

Carpet Beetle

In this situation it is not the carpet beetle that is the problem, adult carpet beetles have a short adult life, feed on pollen, and prefer to live outside. Their larvae take up to three years to develop in to an adult and feed primarily off of Keratin. Keratin is a protein and makes up the primary component of the outer layer of human skin, hair, and nails.  Keratin is also found in pets and anything made from animal hair which includes wool clothing.

House Mouse

Some people find this rodent adorable. They are a huge problem inside your home or office however. They are foragers and will forage through your home for its favorite food of grains, they will however eat anything of general nutritional value.  They are known to live in one primary place during all of their one to two year life span and their urine contains a protein that can trigger severe cases of asthma.

Webbing Clothes Moth 

These are your famous fabric destroying moths.  They are known to cause damage to carpet, put holes in clothing, blankets. They are even known to invade stored foods such as meat, fish, meal, and milk products. These moths are harder to detect than standard moths because they don’t tend to fly in lighted areas. They prefer dark closets and attics which means that items in storage may already have suffered damage prior to you even knowing about their presence.

The seasonality of certain pests is what makes it so important to have regular pest control service at your home or business. Occasional treatments don’t take care of all pests.  To speak with a pest control professional regarding your year round needs in Woodstock, GA and the surrounding areas of Kennesaw, Acworth and all of Cobb and Cherokee counties you can call Protect All Pest Control at 770-728-8520 or use the Contact feature on our website.


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