Signs you Have Pest Problems in and Around Your Home

professional pest control KennesawEverybody knows they have bugs or pests when they see the actual pests, but knowing some of the more subtle signs of pest infestations can save you money and headaches. Here we will address some of the clues you should be on the lookout for but it is not a substitute for consulting a professional pest control company for a thorough inspection and consultation.

The first sign may not be so obvious: sawdust. People will blow off sawdust thinking that recent construction or craft building has taken place. Sawdust can mean a serious ant invasion. Carpenter ants can be an expensive and damaging pest. The love moist or damp wood. They can burrow tunnels and hollow out nests in your home’s supporting wood posts.

Another sign is droppings. Droppings are often accompanied by unexplainable noises in the attic or kitchen during the evening. There may be signs of droppings around a crawlspace or basement. Rodents can squeeze into small openings and invade your home. If you notice holes or cracks pay close attention. Rats can squeeze through a hole as small as a quarter and a mouse can squeeze through a space as small as a dime! Mouse traps are a common way to get rid of mice. We offer other services to help get rid of mice and keep them away.

Mud mounds are another thing that catch your attention. It isn’t just kids playing in the mud. Pencil shaped mud tunnels are not good; they are termite tunnels. Termites are subterranean pests that look similar to ants with wings. Termites will hide in dark and damp places like basements and crawlspaces. If you have any question about the home having termites call a pest control professional immediately.

In the South termites are a common problem. It is often said that it isn’t if you will get termites but when. Protect All Pest Control offers ongoing termite inspection and treatment plans that can help give you peace of mind from these destroyers of homes and buildings.

Periodic inspection of your home or business is important. If you see anything that makes you curious, call and have an inspection done by a pest control professional.  At Protect All Pest Control we have the knowledge and experience to endHome Inspection your pest control infestation.

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