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Fire Ants – Kill Them with Protect All Pest Control

Each month has its own group of pests that are at peak activity and need treatment by regular Pest Control Service. Now that Labor Day has passed and we begin to transition from summer to fall the pests that we have our eye on this month include –

Bald Faced Hornet

Easily identified by their black and white coloring. The Bald Face Hornet is ready to protect its nest by any means necessary.  These hornets will attack when their nest is disturbed by stinging the person or animal perceived to be the cause of the disturbance, REPEATEDLY.  If you see one of these nests, call Protect All Pest Control – IMMEDIATELY.

Carpenter Ant

The Carpenter Ant is Georgia’s largest ant but can vary greatly in size and have large mandible to bite or pinch its enemies. These ants love calling your home their own but they will move out and nest in old tree stumps, telephone poles and hollow logs.  They do not actually eat wood but they gnaw at it to create smooth places in which to live and can cause structural damage to your home.

House Spider

These spiders are harmless and useful, they actually act as a natural pest control service for your home.  But unlike Protect All Pest Control, very few people are actually looking to take advantage of their service. In order to get rid of them you must get rid of their food source, bugs. These spiders don’t like us very much because it hates how we can eliminate all their food.

Fire Ant

Best known for the visible nests, red body and their sting, the fire ant is one of the most feared pests in Georgia, and for good reason. When the Fire Ant injects its venom it causes intense irritation for most people. For those that are extremely sensitive and have been attacked by a large number of these ants, a possible side effect is death. This ant is dangerous due to its aggressive nature when its nest is disturbed and is one pest you do not want to try and take on alone.

The best solution for seasonal pests is a year round program by Protect All Pest Control. We can prepare your home or business so that you are not trying to kill existing pests and insects but are controlling them on an ongoing basis, so that you are always pest free.

To contact us for pest control service anywhere in the Northwest metro Atlanta area you can call 770-728-8520 or use the “Request an Estimate” feature on our website.


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