Integrated Pest Management – A Holistic Approach to Pest Control

safe pest control WoodstockEveryone hates bugs in their home or business. Because of heightened awareness for environmental and health concerns surrounding the use of insecticides, a movement has developed within the pest control industry to develop techniques to control insects and pests with less reliance on traditional methods involving chemical solutions.

The name of this practice is Integrated Pest Management. The team at Protect All Pest Control strives to keep at the forefront of this developing technique for controlling pests and insects in order to reduce reliance on chemicals in the treatment of homes and businesses.

Integrated pest management can best be viewed as a more holistic and consultative approach to insect and pest control. In other words, with Integrated Pest Management, we try to treat the cause not just the symptoms.

Our First Step in this approach is to evaluate the situation by looking at – 

  • What type of pest are we dealing with?
  • How are they getting in? How can we keep them out?
  • Do they live in the house all of the time, or do they come and go?
  • What are they eating and drinking?
  • How can we make your home less friendly to pests?
  • How can we keep track of their activity to see our strategy is working?

Many times pests may be, seasonal, in migratory mode, or responding to weather conditions such as extreme dry or hot weather.  In cases such as these, you may be seeing pests but not experiencing an infestation.  In these instances, while we may still use traditional methods to eradicate the current presence of pests, it is also necessary to look at what has caused these pests to enter your home.

Our evaluation then turns to preventative mode where we

  • Inspect your home inside and out looking for pests, food, water and entry points.
  • Identify leaky hoses, faucets or pipes; pests need water.
  • Examine for holes in your window screens, and evaluate the installation of door-sweeps.
  • Check for potential entry points, even the tiny ones, which may require caulk, wire mesh, etc.
  • Observe humidity levels (especially in basement and non-ventilated areas) and identify methods to keep it as low as possible, to prevent mold and help control pests.

Protect All Pest Control is committed to controlling the pest and insects in your home or business in the North Atlanta area with effective, safe and most importantly appropriate methods available. We are continuously studying, evaluating and implementing the latest methods of pest control practices to ensure your health and safety.

Contact Protect All Pest Control via phone at 770-728-8520 or use the “Contact” tab on our website, to schedule a consultation. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Integrated Pest Management can be a healthy and part of a holistic solution to your pest control problems.


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